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posted by Kevin | 7/03/2003 05:58:00 PM


Cutting off your nose to spite your face

Islamic group criticizes X2: X-Men United for anti-muslim propaganda. According to the NY Post and EurWeb Project Islam H.O.P.E. director Najee Ali claims that Singer is out to paint Muslims in a bad light.

"Within the first five minutes of 'X2,' an evil villain, 'Colonel William Stryker,' is in the White House signing a document," Ali declares. "As he signs, he is shown wearing a ring featuring the Arabic symbol for 'Allah.' Col. Stryker was never depicted as a Muslim in the comic book series. We feel this is a subtle but obvious attack on Islam . . . It is unfortunate, as we continue to live in a post-9/11 world, that Bryan Singer would engage in a subtle campaign to breed intolerance and hate."

Of course I would be offended and join them if the muslim group had WATCHED THE MOVIE. In order to make such a claim I would assume someone in their organization must have. However they seemed to have missed the end of the movie which contained a passive and an anti-extremist message. In fact I left the movie believe that the subtext of the movie was both about equality amongst races and sexual orientation and against the extreme measure that Ashcroft and other have taken.

If the groups claim is true I think it is important to realize that Singer likes to mix roles in order to maximize impact. Putting a muslim in the white House and a superior feeling character in Magneato outside the establishment. The point is obvious, no matter who is power, extremists act the same way and are destructive no matter their genetic make-up or religion.

For a religion that is trying to make sure people understand that not everyone is a terrorist this is a movie they should encourage everyone to watch. Project Islam HOPE's member organizations should blast Najee Ali and his people to wake up and watch movies they intend to gain publicity from.

posted by Kevin | 5/09/2003 01:49:00 AM


Local Elections

Ya know it's funny, I am trying to decide if I should work for a campiagn, another campiagn, yet another one, the party, some soft money variation or start my own marketing business and run for office locally.

In the process I do research, on the candidates and local office. I was sadden to find out only about 2,500 people vote in my city council's elections. Redlands is a Southern Califronia city about an hour east of LA next to San Bernardino. It has a college, great schools, and the only Lincoln Memorial west of the Mississippi. But for some reason only about 5% of the people vote. Sadly the city clerk reports that that is a little more that 30% of the registered voters in the city. Meaning that as the county reports my city only has about a 30% voter registration percentage.

What do all those stats mean? It means people don't care about voting and elections even in Redlands. This is depressing me, and making me want to fix it. But can I really, and is the most important thing I can do now? Or should I work on a campaign. I am torn, more phone calls to take and make, but I'd like to hear from the 100 or so people that read this blog.

Let me know, e-mail me at

posted by Kevin | 5/08/2003 06:20:00 PM


Dr. Hart or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Politics

As many of you know Gary Hart has decided not to run for President. This could have depressed me, and still might, but for now - after a nice walk down State Street in Redlands, CA - it has reminded me why I love politics.

As many of you also know the reason this blog has been dead for a month or more is because I have been spending my waking hours and some hours when I should be sleeping working on Hart's website ,blog , and planning for a potential announcement and campaign.

I wish I could write a heartfelt (sorry) reflection as Ezra did or even tell you what I am doing next, but I can't because it is too soon (Hey! Presidential contenders want a new employee?).

However, what I can do explain to you why I love politics.

When I was twelve I saw Bill Clinton and I knew that I had to do something, so while I should have been at swim practice I snuck off to stuff envelopes and wet my hair in a fountain at the school near my house to make it look like I went.

I continued to work in politics through my local club and became a leader in an amazing program called Youth and Government . When I got to college on the second day of orientation I skipped out of some required events (beginning to sense a theme) to go volunteer for the NY State Democratic Party.

Just two weeks ago I left my job in NYC and two days before I flew home to Cali in hopes of moving on to Denver sometime in June, repeating the pattern in a more dramatic way. Now here I am. I should be furious. I should be wishing that Gary would give me directions so we can put his vision into reality.

But instead ... I got it.

I got why Gary has such appeal, why we wanted him so bad, and why he might not be President but he will always be important. I got why I started my cycle of leaving what is secure for the allure of politics, again.

It is because he lets you ... nay he requires you ... to fill in the blanks. He doesn't simply stand up and explain what he is going to do and why you should support him. He asks, in his own intellectual way: "Why not?" He encourages active citizenship not only in his speeches, but in his style. This style attracts those of us that have ideas and passion. This is the fuel that ran every campaign before for him. Gary inspires the leaders among us, don't believe me look at the resumes of the people running the campaigns today, or even our own ex-president and his senator wife. In an age where we are told what to buy, drink, eat, and watch he leaves it up to us to figure out how to make his vision become reality.

In a way, this leads us to feel abandoned when he is gone, because we never got together to flush out the details. But how are we abandoned? Can we even be abandoned?

The answer is an emphatic no. Because try as the media does politics is still about ideas not candidates and citizens not consumers.

Hart came into politics because of Kennedy, as did Clinton. I have entered politics because of both of them. It is not important if I ever get elected dog catcher, what is important is that I took their ideas and melded them with my own to create a unique political outlook. At very least it will influence my vote and my children and at the most

In the end, politics only dies for you when YOU want it to. Only the followers of one leader, especially the "why not" candidates like Gary can truly end anything with an interview or statement.

The answers to the questions he has posed to the nation and the party are ours, not his. So it is up to us. Personally, I am thinking about running for office or joining a political campaign. Either way, I carry Gary, his questions, his challenges, and his vision with me and I thank him for that. The only way to repay him is by doing the same for others.

So lets take Gary's vision to the ballot box, the coffee shop, the city council, and the classroom. His exit can be seen as devastating or empowering, and that is completely up to us.

That is why I love politics: fundamentally, it is completely it is our hands. Not any single person or group, no matter what Rove may wish.

posted by Kevin | 5/07/2003 04:38:00 AM


Gary Hart Launches his own Blog!

You heard it here first!

Gary Hart's Blog was launched in the wee hours of this morning. So if you have been wondering what I have been doing all this time instead of blogging here or setting up Raise Your Hands ... I was setting up Senator Hart's blog.

I have to say, the past three weeks have been hectic and busy, but also amazing.

Not only have I been working on Hart's blog, but I have been working on a lot of online strategy for Senator Hart and he has been more than receptive to the teams ideas. I believe that campaigns have begun to use the internet finally, but Senator Hart seems to be the first leader I have seen that is wants to embrace it so much. He sees at one of the best tools to bring about discussion and new ideas.

I agree.

Therefore, I will begin blogging again soon. Just don't know how much and when.

My hope was that this blog was going to be about my life as a campaign worker, and now it seems it might be if Senator Hart decides to run and they decided I have done well. Keep your fingers crossed. For now, you'll have to read all about it over at the Gary Hart News Blog.

posted by Kevin | 3/28/2003 04:08:00 AM