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According to New York City's tempurature will not go above feeezing until a week from today and even then it will only last for 3 hours. I can only think of two reasons for this:

1) God has tried to warn me about going to work in New Hampshire and is showing me how much better Iowa or South Carolina can be.


2) God is trying to prepare me for going to New Hampshire.

Either way I have it better than these people protesting in the cold. I am not protesting today, I am going to Starbucks. I've got a long way to go before I will be happy with my life huh?

posted by Kevin | 1/18/2003 04:38:00 PM

So I was reading the New York Times today before work and noticed that Microsoft has decided to give dividends to it's share holders.

Bush has annonced he doesn't want to tax dividends.

Which means the almost $115 million that Bill Gates and steve Balmer are getting from theirs won't be taxed, that is along with the $100 million stock options owned by Microsofts executives. Thus Microsofts gets to increase give bonus to an already billionaire that he doesn't have to pay taxes on? How is this going to help the economy? How are they assuming Bill is going to use his money?

So let me get this straight ... how is Bush's tax plan NOT "trickle down economics"?

posted by Kevin | 1/18/2003 12:36:00 AM


Edred vs. Ashcroft

This where we begin.

The supreme court decided against it 7-2, yesterday, angering a lot of people.

I believe it is quite interesting that the day after the Supreme Court screws up (except for good 'ole Breyer and Stevens) I decide to jump into the Presidential race. No i am not running, that is 13 year from now. For the moment, I have decided to help one of campaigns ... all they need to do is offer me money, a place to stay and something to eat (note to anyone who wants to offer me more). I know it won't go anywhere now, but some have to fight from within, while other fight from outside.

This interesting to me for the precise reason I got out of politics (and later film). I got out because I may be good at it, but I had nothing new to add. Nothing unique and certainly nothing remarkable. However, slowly but surely I started to realize I had something to offer. The ideas I began to develop thanks to inspiration from Eldred v. Ashcroft, Porto Alegre and No Logo can offer the current system a unique opinion along with validity due to my political skill.

This journey when began in 2000 during the Democratic primary is now starting again during the Democratic primary. The inspiration that began with Eldred v. Ashcroft gains new birth on they day that case is defeated. Which just goes to show, Larry Lessig can be upset with himself all he wants, but he has set so much in motion, hopefully someday I can do the same for someone else.

The Supreme Court can't decide against my inspiration it's too late, thanks Larry.

Which bring us back to where we begin.

Edred vs. Ashcroft

posted by Kevin | 1/17/2003 01:02:00 AM


Also I just finished watching Crossfire and I found myself agreeing with Robert Novak of all people who said, "If we go to war with Iraq over those 10 empty warheads, we [the United States] will have major problems"

While a mild understatement, I think the look on his face mirrored the opinion of many conservatives as well as liberals ... this is war we are talking about folks ... we need a good reason. I guess we are all still waiting.

posted by Kevin | 1/16/2003 10:12:00 PM

PBS's Media Matters is doing a segment on blogging tonight. Watch it. There are some people *cough* Kim *cough* who had no clue, so I thought I might catch people up.

posted by Kevin | 1/16/2003 10:07:00 PM

I was reading this earlier today. The discusion is about phones with cameras and high speed internet connections. I think this concept is fascinating. 20 years ago the average person didn't have the ability to make their own TV show without a lot of equipment and a team of people. Now you may only need a phone.

The important issue of this is really simple. If phones can broadcast why can't home video camera do the same. We are getting much closer to being able to broadcast live from events to anyone who wants to watch. And when i me "we" I mean any of us. As this develops broadcasting will look less like the top down model we see today more confused muddled.

This is exciting. Here's to hoping branding won't prevent anyone else from having their voice heard. But more important ... if I have a home video camera and a show as a hobby will they let me into press conferences? The media industry will not be happy with this encroachment on their domain I am sure. We live in exciting times. Let's make the best of it.

posted by Kevin | 1/16/2003 09:56:00 PM


Yeah so in case you wanted to know why we are going to war with Iraq ... it's cause Bush is "sicked and tired of games" My father could barely use that as a justification to shut me up when I was in the back-seat of a car on vacation, but now if I didn't have asthma I could be going to war in Iraq for just as weak of a reason.

See my biggest problem right this second is that I have yet to hear a rational and just explanation for war. The second thing is why does the white House political staff get great street cred when this is the headline CNN is running?

First if this is some kind of policy statement, then political education has changed since Rice graduated college. If the statement was off the cuff, then Bush's political staff needs to watch some West Wing and learn how to spin a off hand remark so it doesn't make the country look bad to the rest of the world.

Note to Bush's Staff: Do your job or quit. This isn't a policy question ... just a quality of work I expect from White House staff of either party.

posted by Kevin | 1/14/2003 11:42:00 PM

In an attempt to shorten my entries I wanted to note that the Voter News Service (VNS) is dying and will not be around for 2004. The VNS is the exit polling and election data reporting organization created by the major TV networks. So remember when Dan Rather was so confused in November of 2000? Well they screwed up in 2002 so much that they didn't even do their job.

So what do the networks do? Start a new one ... only bigger and "better". So CNN decides to create their own, and everyone else is thinking about joining in.

So ... ummm ... what's new? What did they solve? Honestly one of these days problem solving will actually be when people try to address the problem not repackage it.

posted by Kevin | 1/14/2003 11:13:00 PM


So I was over at ... my current favorite blog ... and noticed something that slipped under my radar. The RIAA is giving you money. That is if you bought a CD from 1995 to 2000. Amazing isn't it. They lost an anti-trust case so they are giving some money back until to us. Nice huh? You have until March 3rd to get your check (worth from $5 to $20).

A lot of bloggers reported this long ago and I am sure other people have heard of it it but I do, being me, have a different spin on this. I am all for getting easy government money, but there are some not-so-obvious issues here. In my constant quest to "get in the game" I am reading a lot of books (catching up for not being in it during college, but who was). One of those is Downsizing Democracy. In it the seeds of the evil of this settlement were planted in my head. Am I boring you yet? Just wait ...

One issue you might be reading about right now are state budget deficits. The money form the tobacco settlement is one of things that are keeping some states afloat and are central to the plans of Governors.

However, there is one problem. Its not like they got this settlement in a lump sum. Also instead of legislating the settlement in Congress (allowing for government oversight) they bargained with the companies. So the states created a pay out for the six major tobacco companies over 25 years tied to their profits. If the companies make less money the states get less. Gray Davis of California and others are taking it one step further by taking out a bond depending on that settlement and therefore tying the states financial stability to the major tobacco companies' profits even more.

Instead of legislating against all tobacco companies requiring anyone in the business to pay the same amount. By "legislating through litigation" they were refined to rectifying the past deeds of the oligarchy. In exchange they have provided protection for these companies in order to maximize the settlement benefit. Now the troubled states are dependent on their former foes and being attacked by the American Lung Association.

So what does this have to do with the RIAA and your check? Well, along the same lines the States have been able to gain victory against a corporate oligarchy. Instead of pressuring congress and correcting the problem (breaking it up, gaining more music freedom, etc.) they go to court. Only this time it was just not to pad the states budgets but our pocketbooks (limitedly). In exchange ... the RIAA keeps it's oligarchy and goes on to fight Napster and the consumers they are also giving money to.

Personally, as a claimant, I would prefer a harsher punishment and more important a fix for the situation, than tacit protection and acknowledgment of it's power. Don't miss my point. Litigation is a great way to further causes for the disenfranchised. But I believe State governments are not in that category. So let's see some legislation instead and solve some problems instead of doing deals with them.

For now I am taking my check though.

posted by Kevin | 1/14/2003 03:52:00 AM


Six months, a diploma, four jobs, and hours of SportsNight later this blog came to life. Or more appropriately it is coming to life. It will have a brother and a sister someday, more to come on that later. However, this is account of how I am getting in the game. Which I am trying to do everyday from this point on.

Getting in what game? Not the game of Life ... while a great game, I prefer Chutes and Ladders, and honestly whether we like it or not we are playing that other game of life. I am talking about those other fun games we play, serious ones and silly ones. Dating and politics. Soccer and work.

Those games make up that other game (life with a lowercase "l" in case you lost me)
I have dated girls, been a member of organizations and even started coaching soccer. I've played the game but i haven't been in it. We all play, but how many of those games do we care about? How many do we really think about? That is what getting in the game is thinking and caring. Anyone who has played sports knows the difference, for those who don't, you will as you read this.

So today I am getting in the game. A lot of games. This is will be the record of those games, and how they relate to other things and more important why you give shit. Later on I'll talk about how you can get in the game yourself. We are nation of spectators and players ... it's time for us all to get in the game and give a shit So read this and you might have some fun.

posted by Kevin | 1/13/2003 04:55:00 PM