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Gary Hart Launches his own Blog!

You heard it here first!

Gary Hart's Blog was launched in the wee hours of this morning. So if you have been wondering what I have been doing all this time instead of blogging here or setting up Raise Your Hands ... I was setting up Senator Hart's blog.

I have to say, the past three weeks have been hectic and busy, but also amazing.

Not only have I been working on Hart's blog, but I have been working on a lot of online strategy for Senator Hart and he has been more than receptive to the teams ideas. I believe that campaigns have begun to use the internet finally, but Senator Hart seems to be the first leader I have seen that is wants to embrace it so much. He sees at one of the best tools to bring about discussion and new ideas.

I agree.

Therefore, I will begin blogging again soon. Just don't know how much and when.

My hope was that this blog was going to be about my life as a campaign worker, and now it seems it might be if Senator Hart decides to run and they decided I have done well. Keep your fingers crossed. For now, you'll have to read all about it over at the Gary Hart News Blog.

posted by Kevin | 3/28/2003 04:08:00 AM


Apologies and an Announcement

I know, its been a while since either of us have posted. We've both been hard at work for Gary Hart News. Kevin has been coming up with all sorts of great ideas that he can't share quite yet, and both of us have been working on getting people signed up for the meetups. (btw, has been great.)

The announcement is that Senator Hart will be coming to the LA Meetup. So if you live in the LA area, COME so you can listen to him talk. The meetup will be on April 3rd at 7:30, location TBA.

We promise to resume regular blogging shortly.

posted by Jenny | 3/26/2003 11:32:00 AM